Blonde gift set with COMPLIMENTARY $25 gift certificate

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The perfect gift for the Blonde in your life, this gift set includes:

Blondifier shampoo &conditioner: The professional formula of the Illuminating. Conditioner enhances the multidimensional radiance of blonde hair. Hair is instantly shiny, soft and easy to detangle. $68 value

Blondifier hair mask: Enriched with Açai berry extract containing polyphenols. The treatment replenishes, smooths and nourishes the hair fiber, enhancing the multidimensional shine and radiance of blonde hair. $34 value

Constructor: Thermo-active spray for texture and hold for voluminous and wavy hairstyles. Thermo-active for protection, volume and texture. Don't be afraid of overloading your hair - you can spray an abundance without weighing your hair down. This is the absolute no-residue formula for all hair types, leaving even wavy hairstyles and voluminous hair with a surprising lightness. $26 value

Fashion scrunchies: White and silver silk scrunchies reduce pull and minimize breakage $6 value

Complimentary Gift certificate: $25 value